12bit version of 350MHz Siglent SD2000X scope

SDS2000X HD, as the series is called, comes in bandwidths of 100, 200 or 350MHz (-3dB 50Ω), all with four analogue input channels. “If more bandwidth is required, a bandwidth upgrade option is available to expand two independent channels to 500MHz,” according to the company.

There are a total of two 1Gsample/s input ADCs shared between the four channels, which can be interleaved to achieve 2Gsample/s on one channel. Storage is 2x 200Mpoint.

“Sequence mode increases the waveform capture rate up to 500,000waveform/s,” said siglent. “This reduces the dead time of the oscilloscope by a factor of approximately five compared to ‘normal’ mode.”

A digital input option has 16 channel with a maximum sample rate of 500Msample/s and up to 50Mpoints of storage.

Another option is a single-channel 16kpoint waveform generator working up to 25MHz and 125Msample/s. The signal geenrator and integrated Bode plot function add frequency analysis to the investment’s skill set – useful for developing switched-mode power supplies, said the company.

“The further integrated functions and features of the new series are identical to those developed for our SDS2000X Plus series,” said Siglent. “The following are included: zone trigger, counter, totaliser, mask test, history with search function, FFT analysis with up to 2 million points, serial bus triggering and decoding for I2C, UART, SPI, LIN, CAN.

Optional decodeable protocols include I2S, CAN FD, FlexRay, MIL1553, SENT and Manchester. And there is a power analysis option.

The SDS2000X HD product page can be found here

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