14 Best Clothes Steamers, According to Stylists and Editors

Did anyone have an ironing-obsessed parent growing up? Insert hand-raised emoji here. I can’t even count the number of back-and-forths I had with my mom over what I considered passably wrinkled clothing. My aversion to ironing ran deep into my 20s until a friend of mine steamed a button-down shirt for me, and I have never turned back. The ease of a clothes steamer is like no other, and it’s no wonder stylists, editors, content creators, creative directors, and retail associates can’t live without them.

With that in mind, I set out to find the highest-rated clothes steamers online in a variety of options such as handheld, standing, travel-ready, and, yes, some that even come with ironing capabilities. I also reached out to some of my favorite fashion creatives including stylists Dione Davis, Allison Bornstein, Bryant Christopher Simmons, and Erin Noël, as well as creative directors Angela Fink and Hillary Comstock, to get their top picks. Would you believe almost all of them raved about the exact same clothes steamer brand?

Scroll on to shop the best clothes steamers of the moment plus fashion creatives’ picks. They are guaranteed to change your look and your life.

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