14 Best Lilac Nail Polish Colors for Spring and Summer 2022

According to Kandalec, the answer is simple: lilac. The perfect color as the months get warmer, lilac is the ideal way to add a subtle pop to your fingertips. “As fans of Bridgerton know, lilac has huge meaning for the show,” says Kandalec. “Like with most über-popular TV shows (ever heard of Euphoria?), beauty trends are wildly popular due to what the characters are wearing.”

Plus, lilac is also endlessly wearable and flattering. “Lilac is incredibly easy to wear on a multitude of skin tones,” Kandalec says.

Below, I’ve rounded up some of this season’s best lilac nail polishes, including picks from Kandalec herself. Who knows? You just might see one of these polishes on your favorite celebrity’s nails soon.

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