15 Things a Gen Z Fashion Editor Buys at Nordstrom

Despite working at Nordstrom throughout college (and giving a large part of my paycheck back to the retailer), I find myself rarely visiting the store IRL. As a Gen Z fashion editor, I’m a full-fledged online shopper. I love to scroll through TikTok for product recommendations and surf through online reviews like it’s my job, but recently, I decided I was overdue for some in-person shopping. After a few hours of trying things on and one trip to the Nordstrom café, I found plenty of pieces that I wanted to take home with me. Surprisingly, there were even items that I probably wouldn’t give a second look online but wanted to purchase immediately after trying them on.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the Nordstrom website, so I hope my try-on can give you a little insight on what are worthy contenders. I compiled the list of my favorite picks, so when you’re shopping online, you can take my in-depth review into consideration. From cheap and trendy accessories to investment-worthy staples, there’s an option for everyone.

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