19 Editor-Tested Beauty Products That Are Worth Sharing

As far as things that make me happy go, trying new beauty products is pretty high on my list. Truth be told, I love a shiny new release so much that I’m not really all that loyal to many products. I suppose the change in the seasons is to thank (it’s when beauty brands often release fresh products) because lately, I’ve gotten my hands on tons of new things for skin, body, and hair, and I’ve been itching to share my favorites.

I’m turning 38 in a couple of months, and my beauty-product focus is on plumping products, fun yet sophisticated makeup that offers moderate coverage and color, and anything else that makes me look fresh-faced. And since summer is coming, I’ve been stocking up on lightweight moisturizers, cream blushes, long-lasting lip gloss, and sun protection. Keep scrolling for mini reviews of the best new products I’ve tried, and shop them for yourself if any happen to catch your attention like they did mine.

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