29 Affordable But Expensive-Looking Items

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been in the mood to be rude when it comes to buying clothes. My shopping carts are chock full of designer items, but unless I’m ready to forsake it all for a Khaite sweater (which, unfortunately, I’m not) it’s imperative I slow my roll and stick to pieces that actually fit within my budget. Faced with this predicament, I set out to find the best under $100 buys that look like they could cost much more.

Real talk: I was more than pleasantly surprised with my search results. A perfectly cut vegan leather blazer came in at $89. The coziest ribbed cardigan? $20! And a beyond chic pair of platform thong sandals could be yours for $60 (they will most definitely be mine). So, even though it’s nice to have the real thing, I’d argue that nothing feels better than the envious gasps you’ll get after divulging the inexpensive price you paid for your up-leveled outfit.  

Happy shopping! 



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