5 Signs of a Healthy Cat Revealed

Let’s uncover the secrets to a long, happy and healthy life for your cat. Dr Brendan Clarke, our Chief Veterinary Consultant reveals the top 5 signs of a healthy cat. Does your cat display any of these signs? We’d love to meet your thriving feline in our online community!

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Dr Brendan reveals the signs of a healthy cat

What are the signs of a healthy cat?

The key signs of a healthy cat include balanced behaviour, a healthy body condition, healthy digestion (poo), clean teeth and gums and finally low levels of inflammation. Dr. Brendan Clarke explains the five factors in more detail below:

1) Behaviour

a ginger cat sitting on a bella and duke box looking healthy, being happy to explore new situations is one of the signs of a healthy cat

Signs of healthy behaviour include when your cat is willing to get up off their bed, is active and interested in exploring their environment while being happy to go to their food and water when you place it down. Basically, a cat displays healthy and happy behaviour if they are able to engage in normal, everyday activities without any sign of distress.

2) Body condition

We do not want overweight or underweight cats, it can negatively impact their health. An easy way to assess your cat’s body condition is by feeling your cat’s ribs while lightly running your fingers along the side of their chest, just as you would feel your bones at the back of your hand. If their chest feels more like the palm of your hand, they may be overweight. If it feels like the knuckles at the back of your hand, they may be underweight.

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Main coon cat eating from a flat surface, the chomping board is a great way to encourage a cat not eating

3) Digestion

We look next to your cat’s gut function. The best way to assess your cat’s digestion is by checking if they are passing good firm stools, ideally twice a day. Watch out for diarrhoea and constipation.

A cat poo chart to help you look out for the signs of a healthy cat

4) Dental health

What’s happening in your cat’s mouth? Make sure your cat has clean teeth and pink gums. Make sure there are low levels of gingivitis and an absence of plaque and discolouration with tartar on the teeth. Good oral health largely protects the rest of your cat’s systems, especially with regard to the functioning of their organs such as their kidneys, heart, and liver.

5) Low inflammation

Low levels of inflammation is a great indication that your cat is healthy. Specifically low levels of gum inflammation (gingivitis), low levels of joint inflammation (arthritis), low levels of skin inflammation (dermatitis), and low levels of gut inflammation (enteritis). Being able to assimilate enough good nutrients helps your cat in this area.

Now you know the signs of a healthy cat, why not join our community of over 25,000 friendly pet parents, we’d love to meet your cat!

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