650V SiC mosfets in 7pin D2PAK

“Trench technology is the basis for superior gate oxide reliability,” according to yhr company. “Together with an improved avalanche and short-circuit robustness this ensures the highest system reliability even in harsh environments.” They are “suitable for topologies with repetitive hard commutation as well as for high temperature and harsh operations.”

Infineon 7pin TO263-7 D2pak blockThe gate can stand -5 to +23V, with a threshold above 4V and supporting 0V turn-off, and they cab work with standard mosfet gate driver ICs, said Infineon.

The parts are:

  • IMBG65R048M1H 48mΩ 45A
  • IMBG65R057M1H 57mΩ  39A
  • IMBG65R260M1H 260mΩ 6A
  • IMBG65R072M1H 72mΩ 33A
  • IMBG65R030M1H 30mΩ 63A

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