Feel Good Diary: Dog Walks & DBT

6 a.m. — One of my dogs is a bit overweight, so I’ve been trying to extend the length of our walks to increase his exercise. My dog walks are typically about half of a block, but I’ve been increasing walks with my younger dog to two blocks. This has the added benefit of increasing my amount of daily movement, and since it’s for him, I find it easier to make it a priority. I had always thought of walking the dog as a chore that needed to be done, but after the pandemic hit, it became such an important part of my routine. In 2020, our daily walks were sometimes all I had to do for the day, and it felt good to get outside. I moved to a new apartment building just as stay-at-home orders were going into effect so the only way I met other people who lived in the building was when our paths crossed while walking our dogs.

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