How to take better screenshots on Mac

macOS’s built-in screenshot app is plenty capable, but if you use it regularly you may find yourself wondering how to take better screenshots on Mac. The built-in tool fails to address a few common annoyances that can dramatically improve your screenshots. For instance, there’s no way to search screenshots by their content and you can’t take long screenshots. With third-party software, you can easily patch these shortcomings.

There are many apps available for your Mac that can supercharge your screenshot experience. Not only do these apps offer more customization than macOS’s default screenshot tool, but they also add a range of versatile features you probably didn’t even know you were missing. Here are the best screenshot apps for your MacBook and other Mac devices.

With Shottr, you no longer have to capture multiple screenshots to cover a lengthy web page or text thread. It allows you to take a scrolling screenshot. When you activate Shottr on a piece of content that can’t fit in a single image, it automatically scrolls and grabs several snapshots, and stitches them all together to produce one long screenshot.

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Shottr offers a bunch of tools you may find handy. If you want to grab some text, Shottr’s OCR function lets you directly copy it instead of going through the hassle of a screenshot. You can also personalize it to suit your workflow. For instance, you can configure Shottr to automatically copy the screenshot so that you can instantly paste it anywhere, as opposed to you copying the file later yourself.

There are also annotation options available to edit your screenshot. You can blur sections to eliminate personal information, compress the file size, and more. Shottr is free, and you can download it from the official website.

How to take better screenshots on Mac

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Search screenshots by their content with Screenotate 

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