Mixed American Feelings On Ukraine

Although Americans are showing a united front in their support for helping Ukraine and putting sanctions on Russia, they are less enthusiastic  on taking in refugees and supporting military action.

About one third of Americans do not support “admitting thousands of Ukrainian refugees”, as the survey by Pew Research Center puts it.

Another third is in support of taking military action against Russia even if it would risk nuclear war.

42% of U.S. adults said that U.S. support for Ukraine was not enough, while only 7% found it too much.

32% found it to be the right amount. Among Republicans and those leaning Republican, the share of respondents speaking out for more support was as high as 49%, with conservative Republicans taking the lead.

Among Democrats, more support was only called for by 38% and liberals were most vocal in supporting increased aid.

The views on the Biden administration’s response to Russia’s invasion were predictably very partisan, with 69% of Democrats approving of it and 67% of Republicans disapproving

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