Panasonic AQY4C PhotoMOS PCB Mount Solid State Relays

Panasonic AQY4C PhotoMOS PCB Mount Solid State Relays are CC-type, normally closed, ultra-miniature, TSON packaged (1.95mm x 1.80mm x 0.8mm) relays using capacitive isolation technology. These relays are approximately 88% smaller than the previous SOP-packaged devices, offering a 3.5mm2 mounting area. Low current consumption and a 0.2mA maximum input current contribute to energy savings and increases drivability. The Panasonic AQY4C PhotoMOS PCB Mount Solid State Relays are voltage driving type components with a 3V to 5V input voltage range. Performance is guaranteed at temperatures up to +105°C. Applications include measuring equipment, security equipment, and voltage operating equipment that requires low electricity consumption.


  • Ultra-miniature TSON package contributes to space savings and high-density mounting
  • Guaranteed performance at high temperature (+105°C maximum)
  • Low current consumption, 0.2mA maximum input current
  • Voltage driving type (3V to 5V)
  • RoHS compliant


  • Measuring equipment
    • IC testers
    • Probe cards
    • Board testers
    • Other testing equipment
  • Security equipment
    • Security cameras
    • Intruder detection
  • Electric/gas meters and other meters
  • Disaster-preventing equipment
    • Fire alarms
    • Smoke/heat/fire detectors
  • Industrial equipment
    • Electric measuring equipment
    • Industrial measuring equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Wearable devices


  • Input
    • 5.5V input voltage
    • 0.2V input reverse voltage
    • 1.2mW power dissipation
    • 1.6V typical operate (OFF) voltage, 2.5V maximum
    • 0.5V minimum reverse (ON) voltage, 1.4V typical
    • 0.04mA to 0.09mA typical input current, 0.1mA to 0.2mA maximum
  • 250mW total power dissipation
  • 200VRMS I/O isolation voltage
  • Ambient temperature ranges
    • -40°C to +105°C operating
    • -40°C to +125°C storage
  • Output
    • 60VAC peak load voltage
    • 0.15A continuous load current
    • 0.4A peak load current
    • 250mW power dissipation
    • 4Ω typical on resistance, 8Ω maximum
    • 10nA maximum off-state leakage current
  • Transfer characteristics
    • 0.06ms to 0.11ms typical operate (OFF) time, 0.5ms to 1.0ms maximum
    • 0.3ms to 0.5ms typical reverse (ON) time, 1.5ms maximum
    • 1.2pF typical I/O capacitance, 3pF maximum

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