The 16 Best Lip Liners, According to a Beauty Editor

No matter how small my bag is, there are always three makeup items that I have with me at all times: lipstick or balm, a mini perfume, and a lip liner. Anything else that finds its way in there is an added bonus, but these are what I consider to be my absolute essentials. For some, lip liner might feel like one step too far when it comes to a low-maintenance makeup routine, but I simply can’t wear anything on my lips (be it balm or lipstick) without lip liner anymore. And this is why. 

A lip liner has the undeniable power to elevate your lip look from basic to “wow” in mere moments. Even if I’m just wearing a balm, I’ll apply a neutral-brown lip liner first and then blend it in with one of the many lip balms that I have lurking around. This simple pairing might sound unassuming, but it provides much-needed definition to my lips. Without this extra step, I genuinely feel like my lips really blend in with the rest of my face. Plus, the combination of lip liner and balm creates a kind of custom lip shade, which I’m very much here for.

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