The 6 Most Comfortable Everyday Bras

Full transparency, I’m not a bra expert. I haven’t worn a bra all week, it’s probably been a solid two years since I’ve gotten measured, and I purposefully wear outfits that allow me to go braless. Honestly, I don’t have a vendetta against them. Bras just never seem to lend themselves to comfort. They are always too itchy, too tight, too visible through my shirts… too much. While it’s often easier to go without them, it’s near impossible to avoid them forever. And thus, when I was tasked with rounding up the best bras for women to wear, I knew I needed to call for some backup.

In this case, backup came in the form of six fabulous editors with expertise in the lingerie department. From bralette to underwire, soft cotton to padded nylon, sports bras to everyday ones—our editors have got you covered. Keep scrolling through to see the only bras that are worth wearing. Take it from me: You are actually going to want to wear them.

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