The 6 Spring-to-Summer Basics I’m Putting Away For Now

Here in New York, I can say with the utmost confidence that winter is behind us. I know you might be thinking, but it’s basically already May, and while you’re technically right, it hasn’t really felt like spring until just recently. Now that I’m confident in the weather, the day has finally come to transition my closet for the season ahead and say goodbye to heavier layers for the next six months. Into storage you go, coats, hats, and boots!

Transitioning a closet can definitely be a tedious task, so I find it helpful to first focus on swapping out the building blocks of my summer wardrobe, AKA the basics. As a fan of simple style, I pretty much live in my basics, so today I’m focusing on those foundational items. Ahead, I’ve broken down the spring-to-summer basics into three sections: the ones that I’m carrying over, the ones I’m putting away until the fall, and the summer replacements I’m pulling out of storage. 

If you need some guidance for your own wardrobe transition, look no further.

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