The travel and tourism industry is projected to experience significant growth over the next few years. According to a recent report, the market value is expected to reach $637.7 billion by 2022, and a 10.47% annual growth will result in a market volume of $949.6 billion by 2026. The largest segment of the market currently is hotels, with a market value of $312.3 billion by 2022. 

This growth can be attributed to a number of factors, including the increasing global population and the growing disposable income of consumers. In addition, the industry is being boosted by the rise of online booking platforms and the increasing popularity of staycations and other forms of alternative tourism.

The travel industry is undoubtedly constantly evolving. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is important for businesses within this industry to keep track of the latest marketing statistics. So, what does the future hold for travel marketing? In order to answer some of the trending questions, we at Amra&Elma have carefully compiled a list of 12 important travel marketing statistics for 2022.

Travel Marketing Statistics (Editors Choice)

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