Trusted Objects joins Renesas Ready Partner Program

Trusted Objects, the embedded cybersecurity specialist,  has joined the Renesas Ready Partner Program  to deliver a simple and secure programming flow to OEM developers using Renesas Trusted Secure IP Driver (TSIP).

MCU programming operations are often outsourced throughout the world in uncontrolled environments. Setting up the implementation of the full programming process and protecting data (firmware, credentials…) could be challenging. Trusted Objects secure and simplified programming solution ensures that programming is performed easily and in a secure manner thus protecting firmware and produced devices.

Thanks to the combination of Renesas TSIP secure programming solution with Trusted Objects tops plug&go, customers benefit from a solution that simplifies firmware programming with improved security. For instance, in development phase, it is no longer necessary to maintain a secure environment to protect sensitive keys and firmware. Also, data transfer between the developer and the subcontractor can be completed with a single secure package securely transferred in one operation to the manufacturing facility.

This is achieved with Trusted Objects tops plug&go, a secure and automated programming solution for production facilities, dedicated to OEM developers. tops plug&go ensures a full and secure control of the production, regardless of the security level of the manufacturing environment.

The solution is based on a secure box connected to the programmer, which allows end-to-end encryption, and on Renesas Trusted Secure IP Driver (TSIP) on RX family of MCUs. This solution is already qualified on all System General (Acroview Group) programmers.

With tops plug&go, sensitive data such as OEM’s firmware, secrets  and Renesas’ TSIP loader are protected during transit and manufacturing operations. Keys and certificates are generated and stored in an HSM (Hardware Security Module) and,  then, securely injected in the Renesas RX MCU as well as the OEM’s firmware. The manipulation of sensitive data during the production process is totally secure even in an uncontrolled production environment.

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